Face Mount Acrylics

Acrylic face mounting enhances the image which is mounted to the back of an acrylic sheet. Viewing the image through the acrylic offers a stunning, impressive visual effect by adding a third dimension to the image, creating depth and increasing contrast and color saturation. The mounting process preserves and protects the image. Additional benefits include:
* Acid Free Adhesive use on front and back of the print. * Choice of acrylic thickness: .06"(1/16"), .125"(1/8"), .25"(1/4"), .375"(3/8"), .5"(1/2")
* Polsihed edges
* Thick acrylic backed with sintra, thin acrylic backed with di-bond

Canvas Printing

We now offer three type of canvases.
PREMIUM CANVAS, a woven canvas with strong texture, used for fine art reproductions.
VALUE CANVAS, a polyester/cotton blend with a slight Oxford 2 over 1 weave, used for photographs.
PRODUCTION CANVAS, a 100 percent polyester, used for decor applications.

All canvases are available in Rolled, Standard stretch on .75" bars for framing, and Gallery Wrap on 1.5" or 2" bars.

Large Format Printing

All Raven Image, Inc. large format prints use Canon's Lucia ink and are available in these papers:

* Luster Photo Paper (10 mil)
* Enhance Matte paper (9.5 mil)
* Gloss Pearl Paper (10 mil)
* Fine Art Natural (230 gsm)
* Fine Art Polished Rag (315 gsm)
* Fine Art Textured (330 gsm)

Click Here for Wilheml-Research paper on Canon's Lucia EX ink permanence rating.

Acrylics with Standoff Pins

Prints are mounted to the back of clear acrylic with optically clear adhesive. Acrylic ranges from 1/4" to 1" thickness with polished edges. Print on acrylic, stand-off pins and hanging hardware included.

Gesso on Wood

Images are transfered to a textured gesso panel(Hardboard or Baltic Birch plywood).

Four options available:
* 1/8" (.125") Hardboard (panel requires framing)
* 1/4" (.25") Hardboard (panel requires framing)
* 1/2" (.5") Baltic Birch Plywood (Standard Hanging hardware or stand-off pins)
* 3/4" (.75" Baltic Birch Plywood (Standard hanging hardware or stand-off pins)

All baltic birch plywood and tempered hardboard have been primed and gessoed. The gessoed surface will not separate from the panel.

Creating Giclées

A High quality reproductions starts with a high quality scan.
Hard to match colors are masked and adjusted. When we feel the colors are correct, it's time for output. Proof prints are made and compared to the originals.
Using the CANON iPF9400 with it's 12-color Lucia ink system, we can reproduce art work that has a very wide color range.
The final step of making a fine art reproduction is to protect the print with a UV coating.

Face Mount Acrylic (Box Method)

Polished 1/8" acrylic Front and 1/2" Sintra back
Frameless acrylic face mount offers amazing image quality when paired with professional grade metallic paper. Also available in 3/4" and 1" sintra back. requires Z-Cleat hanging hardware for secure mounting

Images on Wood

Beautiful wood grain is visible were image contains white. Edges can be painted or left natural. Ready to hang with traditional picture framing hardware or standoff pins.

Three Cabinet Grade plywood options available:
Half-inch(.5") Baltic Birch
Three-quarter inch(.75") Baltic Birch
Three-quarter inch(.75") Oak

* Artwork by Ted Johnson

Scanning Artwork

A High quality digital reproduction can only be achieved with a high quality file.

Features and Benefits:
* Adjustable Polarized Lighting
* Captures In 48bit RGB using a trilinear CCD
*16-bit grayscale for black & white artwork
* Capable of producing a 300ppi file for a 36"x48" original.
* Advanced Digital calipers for measuring artwork with accuracy of 1/1000th of an inch allowing for perfect sharpness.


A contemporary and unique way to create variations and evolutions of your artwork and photographs. The 3D layering of 'Face Mount Acrylics' allows the artwork to emerge with a whole new perspective, adding interest and excitement.

* Artwork by Ted Johnson

Coming in 2025


Available mounting subtrates:

* Foamboard (regular or acid-free)
* Gatorboard (White or Black)
* XPVC (White 1 mil, 2mil, 3mil, .25", .5")
* XPVC (Black, 3 mil or .25")

* Only for prints produced at Raven Image.
Raven Image, Inc. does not mount customer supplied prints.

Face Mount Acrylics

Your image is mounted to the back of a UV resistant acrylic sheet, letting you view the image through a clear glossy surface. This mounting process preserves your images and creates a stunning visual effect. Viewing the photograph through the acrylic adds a third dimension to your image, creating depth and increasing sharpness, contrast and color saturation.

Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing.

Photo Printing

Photo Printing.

Acrylics with Standoff Pins

Acrylics with stand offs.

Gesso on Wood

Gesso on Wood.



Face Mount Acrylics (Box Method)


Images to Wood

Images to Wood.

Scanning Artwork


Future Use

Future Use.

Future Use

Future Use.